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A voter could vote one time for up to three characters per day. Just adapting the main route, putting the different routes into individual arcs that end with the respective girl being friendzoned, going Omnibus needs more use or just hitting the key points of the material in the context of an anime original story, which means blending the routes 0r45 re write anime and usually results in disaster.

His choices just make no sense in the context of the story since we have no inner monologue to connect the dots. Sure, it would have been hard to handle a change in perspective effectively, but that is what the Omnibus format, a perfect match for this type of visual novel, is for.

So while story and character definitely got streamlined quite a bit, they would have profited from being simplified even more since what we got was just more and more pieces of exposition being thrown at the viewer that not only made for a rather unpleasant watching experience, but also left the picture incomplete in a lot of places, resulting in plenty of plot holes.

Rewrite is a piece of shit. The series also never managed to stabilize in regards to animation, like some shows do, but instead got worse with time. Nagatsuki and Otsuka began publishing a series of short side-stories focusing on characters from the series in Monthly Comic Alivestarting with the character Elsa in August Speaking of the characters: There is just enough energy and resources left for a final re-evolution.

Add to that the often obnoxious editing where scenes of very different tone are just hard cut into one another and you get a cluster fuck of impressive proportions. Way to make your main factions look completely incompetent and downplay your conflict.

But if you want refreshing romance story, then definitely check this out. I get not expecting too much out of the show, because there will never be that perfect adaptation which we all crave, that is a fact, but this is going too much into the opposite direction and makes me more than a little sad just thinking about it.


Kotarou falls into a coma, and he is administered an amnesiac drug to forget about Gaia and Guardian. There is a reason why the common route of the visual novel is as long as it is. She tells him she must initiate re-evolution, but since this would lead to a dead world, Kagari must find good memories brought out through the betterment of life on Earth, as opposed to bad memories caused by war and conflict.

In a different timeline when he encounters Kagari, Kotarou lets her go. Now, blending routes is one of the hardest issues visual novel adaptations have to face. Do not post spoilers in the submission title.

Rewrite (TV)

Key, Jun Maeda, the man with which I assume has to be the largest anus in Japan, considering all the things he managed to pull from there, was not involved with the writing of the story whatsoever.

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Dynamic Chord Anime Reveals Visual for Liar-S Band; Rewrite. Episode 4. by Theron Martin, it looks like we're finally getting into the juicier parts of the story.

Unlike with.

0r45 re write anime
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