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These methods have been applied by a handful of universities with some success. These courses have successfully targeted problems with academic plagiarism, transportation and housing, as well as the resources which are available on the campus.

Students will mock the names of foreign students openly, as well as the foods they eat and the smells generated by the said foods. Some university campuses have addressed the issues by encouraging the development of cross cultural activities on campus whereby one-on-one interactions are promoted between domestic students and foreign students.

Solutions for Gender Discrimination Although there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for gender discrimination, there are a few solutions that you can implement to help improve the situation.

Some academic institutions have encouraged Chinese students to enroll in ethnic studies courses where issues of class, race, gender, and sexuality are presented. References Benner, Aprile D. The latest research has found that inwomen in the U.

Causes of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace A primary causes of gender discrimination in the workplace is that women are under-represented in many different industries, especially in male-dominated industries such as the auto industry. Higher rates of international students have results in higher racial incidents targeted primarily at international students.

Many Chinese students will revert to associating with other Chinese students and with some U. While they may pass English proficiency exams on paper for entrance into the university, it can be much more challenging to face fast-paced conversations with classmates full of colloquial phrases and odd cultural references, or even fast lectures given by professors.

You should try to increase the diversity of your workforce by reducing or eliminating experience requirements for some of your positions. Many Chinese students who come to America for their education face the challenge of language and behavior first.

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Tian, Mei, and John Lowe. Chinese students who study abroad have to adapt to a socio-cultural system that is far different than theirs at home, which makes the academic experience about much more than completing course work.

Research indicates that relationships formed by Chinese students with domestic students and other international students alike is paramount to mitigating the risk of depression, improving performance in the classroom, and encouraging overall higher rates of satisfaction with the educational experience.

Lee, and Jeanne L. Some Chinese students are much more aware and sensitive to these differences which only encourages anxiety.

This perception can interfere with international students and Chinese students becoming friends. Such a move has resulted in many tax dollars being spent educating students who come from out of state as well as from out of the country.

International student perceptions of discrimination. This helps fight gender discrimination, because women who wish to re-enter the workforce after taking time off to raise a family might not qualify for jobs that require prior experience.

Many foreign students, especially from China, are encouraged and recruited by universities to attend so that they generate income for the school and so that they can improve diversity on campus as well as increase cultural exposure enjoyed by other local students.Consequences and effects that appear due to racism and discrimination in some cases from depression, exclusion will even suicide in extreme cases.

What is the cause and effect of continued discrimination and racism?

The Causes, Effects & Remedies for Gender Discrimination

By: Andrea Beneras Racism and discrimination in society formerly were everyday situations so it was not considered something wrong. Below is a free excerpt of "Cause And Effect Essay On Discrimination" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Discrimination john man Mr.

dicksonEnglish 11 29 December Discrimination In past years discrimination has been a /5(1). Look at the facts for a cause effect essay on student's discrimination in the US. Know the truth of Chinese students' life in America and write essays on this topic. The Causes and Effects of Unsafe Sex Essay examples - Introduction The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of the causes and effects of unsafe sex in teenagers.

Specifically, it will discuss causes, including media and peers, and some effects, including sexually transmitted diseases, (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. Causes and Effects of Gender Inequality Throughout history, countless acts of gender inequality can be identified; the causes of these discriminating accounts can be traced back to different causes.

The general morality of the inequity relies on a belief that men are superior to women; because of this idea, women have spent generations suffering under their counterparts. Jun 30,  · The harmful effects of gender discrimination include lower morale and motivation among female employers, but solutions include sensitivity training among male staffers.

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Cause and effect essay gender discrimination
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