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In conclusion, this paper will explore into decision-making by the elites and those in authority process has contributed immensely in generating the syndromes of conflict in the said state. This has been the case in Nigeria and several multi-ethnic states of Religion conflict in nigeria essay Osaghae In fact, even when it has been convenient for heads to be counted, the outcome has always been the breaking of heads instead.

Several religious crises have occurred in Nigeria. In this wise democracy connotes a system of government in which all the people in a country will have the outright say on the government of their country although in a representative manner meaning that they will elect representatives that will represent their interest in the government.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? To know the meaning of religion, ethnicity, political stability, and political instability 2.

This article is focused on the historical incidents of ethnic conflicts in within Nigeria societies, the cause of the conflicts and perhaps, the government actions towards ethnic conflict in the country. Religion in the 21 century is now used narrowly towards Christianity and Islam even though other religion still exist but the former two religion have elevated to prominence that other religion are now beneath them.

The Nigerian political situation has witnessed more breaking of heads, than counting them. It is against this backdrop that the proliferation and exacerbation of violent ethno-religious conflicts in Nigeria in the post-transition period can be appreciated.

The origin and history of ethnic conflict societal wars and violence can be traced from eternal internal state rivalry to external physical. To know how religion and ethnicity have negatively impacted on Nigerian political development 3.

In shedding more light in the above statement, Badawi statement goes far beyond religion, rather, he was tracing one of the earliest source of conflict which Badawi mentioned the off-springs of the said Abraham. In conducting any research basically there are two methodologies employed by researchers which are the primary and the secondary methods.

This was a major seed of conflict that is still troubling Nigeria today. These covers a larger set of cases that we commonly understand to be ethnic than the rules that ethnic groups must have a myth of common ancestry or common origin.

The Nigeria state was amalgamated in the year by lord lugard. Some are personal internal conflict, family, community, and group, intellectual, state, national and international in nature, to mention but few.

This piece of work does not intend to start the discourse on religious violence anew but only recognizes the fact that as a recurrent phenomenon it is worth being explored further. Any country of the world that is free from the aforementioned point are regarded as stable political system in other words internal oppression has cause a lot of havoc to many democracies of the world which has infringed on their stability as noted by Ojo Advanced democracies always believe in secularism in which every religion is accepted and embraced not a system in which part will have cognisance to a religion and the other will believe in other religion causing serious tension in such states like Nigeria.

So when heads are broken in the Nigerian political community, the issue in respect of broken heads is citizenship. Conflict in Nigeria is so intense because of lack of democratic behaviour. The category was introduced by the Indian Central Government in Federalism as a system of government is one in which there will be central and regional governments each one autonomous of each other.

The Ancient Romans, also, during the time of Constantine accepted Christianity as a religion and a mode of life which also affected their political terrain.

For instances, the conflict we now call Israeli and Palestinian war, has been an ever-lengthening sort. Elasar cited in Akande, In the circumstance that democracy does not go beyond the conduct of multiparty elections to include improvement in the quality of life of the people, there is frustration, and people who already feel alienated from the state are vulnerable and likely to be mobilised around counter-elites who exploit extant popular alienation from the state by whipping up sectarian sentiments.

Recalling back to what happen during the civil war in the late sixties and early seventies which led to the introduction of the national youth service corp.Analysis of the challenges of religion and ethnicity on political stability in Nigeria’s fourth republic () INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Basically, Nigeria is a plural society and heterogeneous in virtually all the facet of life.

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria; Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria. Words Apr 15th, 13 Pages. Analysis of the challenges of religion and ethnicity on political stability in Nigeria’s fourth republic () INTRODUCTION Nigeria: Ethnic Conflict Essay.

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Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria

Today we have many different cultures, societies, and religions spread around the world. Most of these cultures and religion originated in the past, ancient world to us. Types of religion and religious unrest in Nigeria. Causes Of Religious Conflict In Nigeria Essays and Term Papers Search Results for 'causes of religious conflict in nigeria' religious violence in nigeria: causal diagnoses and strategic recommendations to the state and religious communities Isaac.

Religious Conflict Through the Ages Essay - Religious Conflict Through the Ages The role religion plays in world history is, at best, tremendous. Through the ages, religion has both unified and divided civilizations often bringing extreme human casualty, in the case of division, or creating interesting new cultures, in the case of the latter.

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria Words | 13 Pages. The origin and history of ethnic conflict (societal wars and violence) can be traced from eternal (internal) state rivalry to external (physical).

Religion conflict in nigeria essay
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