The signs and effects of autism essay

They may appear to not hear their parents when being called for and prefer to play alone. It is very possible that the causes could be environmental but it is equally possible that the problem could be in the genetics of the parents. In a perfect world, including a kid with autism in a normal class environment is not the best option.

Many children develop at a normal pace for the first year and a half of their lives before they become symptomatic whereas some show signs at birth Edelson, While many of these symptoms do vary, there are some common signs and symptoms of autism, including: There is not concrete time table for the onset of symptoms related to Autism.

Experts in the field of mental health have concluded that being born prematurely or enduring complications during birth can render a child more susceptible to an autism spectrum disorder. Among mental disorders that do not fully incapacitate an individual, one should mention autism although it is doubtful it can be referred to as a disorder.

Long-term effects of autism can include: Autism tends to run in families and children who have a first-degree relative such as a parent or sibling with autism are at higher risks for developing the disorder. Nobody is the same. The number of children, teens, and adults now diagnosed with the disorder is on the rise.

Particularly when the issue is with the kids of another person.

Causes & Effects of Autism

Therefore, autism not only causes other people to misunderstand an autist; it also prevents an autist from understanding surrounding people, thus only deepening the communication gap.

Some people have sleep difficulties or other kinds of problems in the medical area.

How Autism Affects One’s Life

Some may have some kind of social communication delays. These factors alone do not cause autism, but in combination with genetic risk factors they increase risk. While some genes appear to be inherited, others may occur spontaneously.

Currently, they are looking for the role viral infections may play, if complications during pregnancy may increase the likelihood, and the role of pollutants in the air and how they may trigger autism in some children and teens.

Some of them can ruin the lives of those who bear them, others are milder, and this causes almost no inconveniences to a person. The majority of problems caused by autism are more or less related to communicating with other people, understanding them, and producing effective social interaction.

Other genes may determine the severity of the symptoms. Speech development is usually delayed. The key thing to know is that a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder does not mean that a child will fail to thrive in a manner that will permanently hinder functioning as an adult.

Autistic children may find it hard communicate their feelings with others as well. Many people have heard news stories about some of the possible causes of autism.

Advanced parental age at time of conception Maternal illness during pregnancy Difficulties during birth Oxygen deprivation during birth If you feel that your child is in crisis, please call or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Additionally, autism spectrum disorder symptoms typically become apparent during early childhood, as one of the initial signs of these conditions can be a failure to meet developmental milestones.

It does not mean they cannot normally communicate though: Effects of Autism The earlier that a comprehensive treatment plan is created for a child who has autism, the better he or she is able to adjust and learn necessary skills to lead a productive life.

Some of these genes may make a child more susceptible to the disorder while others may affect brain development and the cells in the brain communicate. The most common comorbid, co-occurring disorders include: During the teen years, behavioral patterns may change as the teen gains better coping and social skills.

As the symptoms of autism may mimic other disorders or may be minor enough that a parent or guardian does not notice, diagnosis and treatment of autism may be delayed. Many of them have to do with either the presence of elemental mercury or some sort of genetic flaw caused by an infant vaccine.

Bipolar disorder Causes of Autism As there is not one single type of autism, there is no one cause of this disorder.The eventual effect of the condition is a reduced esteem in an individual and very low self-confidence. There are various causes that tare attributed to autism.

Environmental effects and genetics can play a very big role in propagating the emergence of autism. The Signs and Effects of Autism Autism is a rare disease that has been noticed for centuries.

Effects, Signs & Symptoms of Autism

The purest form of autism (high IQ and almost normal behavior yet still self-contained) occurs in. Autism, now referred to as “autism spectrum disorders (ASDs)” is a group of serious, complex developmental disorders characterized by impaired development in communication, social interaction, and restricted, repetitive patterns of wine-cloth.comon: Industrial Dr, Fordyce,AR.

Autism effect on individual's development process Effects on social development: People who have autism have impairment in their social life and lack of intuition about others. They face challenges of social communication; social impairment is apparent in early childhood continuing to adulthood.

Children with autism show a wide range of signs and symptoms that vary from child to child. It is difficult to phrase all the characteristics and signs into simple words. Characteristics found in autistic children have appeared in early ages, from toddlers to infants.

Signs & Causes of Autism

The Signs and Effects of Autism Essay - The Signs and Effects of Autism Autism is a rare disease that has been noticed for centuries. The purest form of autism (high IQ and almost normal behavior yet still self-contained) occurs in about “one in 2, people”.

The signs and effects of autism essay
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