Thesis wreck room

With a wreck as small as the Thesis, and taking advantage of a dive computer, there should be plenty of time to explore in more detail. Hydrographic Office, Classified as iron steamship, with cargo of iron ore: The rudder and propeller have been removed but the counter stern is impressive.

Scallaslte Bay and a stone quay and Ardtornish. The bow points inshore and is in about 22m depth of water; the stern is in about 33m.

Alternatively, going round the bow to the starboard side brings you to a much larger Thesis wreck room into the same part of the wreck. Location of loss cited as N56 The wreck appears very old with its plates falling off its ribs.

She went north around the tip of Scotland and, to avoid the stormy waters of the Tiree Passage, took the often calmer short cut through the Sound of Mull. I like to save enough time to hang out at the bow for a bit at the end of my dive. At the stern, the remains of the steering mechanism are still in place, a cam-shaped Thesis wreck room attached to the top of the rudder post Boat skippers and dive centres can provide details of local accommodation.

The wreck is lying with 15 metres height in a general depth of 30 metres, about metres SE of Eilean Rubha an Ridire, just south of a small bay.

It was a wise move. The bow is in metres, the stern in 30 metres. In thick fog, just after midnight on 16 October,the Thesis ran onto a reef just off the eastern shore of the southern end of the Sound.

Rubha Aird Seisg; Strathbeg: Certainly Captain Wallace and his man crew had no complaints about her performance during the two years and nine months they were together, carrying all sorts of cargo around Britain and to the Continent.

Presumably the rudder was cut clear to enable the propeller to be salvaged. At slack water there is always the option of descending the buoy line. Bear in mind that the buoy line could easily drag under in the current once divers are on it, and the shore might not be a safe option for larger boats to recover divers, so a delayed SMB is usually the best choice here.

Many of the plates are missing from the bows, but still basically intact. Crockery can still to be found. The return route to the bow can either be along the seabed on the sheltered side of the wreck, or along the deck in the current. Removed hull plates allow lots of light inside and make wreck penetration easy.

On the way back, keep an eye out for pairs of bollards between the aft holds 12 and a winch just behind the top of the engine Powered by a twin-cylinder engine of 60hp, she measured Moving aft, a broken bulkhead provides access to the forward hold 4 with a small hatch open to the deck above.

Assuming an ebb tide, the current will be flowing down the Sound of Mull towards Oban. To avoid Loch Lomond and summer traffic jams, a longer but sometimes faster route is to follow the A80 east from Glasgow, then the M80 and M9 past Stirling and the A84 through Callander before joining the A Lochaline Dive Centre, Coming to the end of the holds 9you have to pop out above deck and hang on in the current.

I doubt whether the wreck has been wire-swept. Shipwrecks of the West of Scotland by Bob Baird. I G Whittaker The ton Thesis was ft long with a beam of 25ft, and drew nearly 18ft. Many of the hull plates have fallen clear of the wreck, leaving a latticework of girders covered with white and yellow dead mens fingers.

The wreck here is open above, with the remains of the engine 7 canted to port.

Alchemy Diving at Tralee,www. If it is not, find 25m with an echo-sounder and follow this contour parallel to the shore. Indifferent procedures were adopted to survey the deeper aft portion of the wreck. The wheelhouse was most likely wood and has rotted away in the years since the Thesis went down.

For location plan, see Moir and CrawfordBboy Thesis. K likes. Thias Lopez a.k.a Thesis Knuckleheadz Cali/THEMTEAM/F2D from Tucson et Seattle This is just a Fan page, not an OFFICIAL Page!

The THESIS is the locally accepted name of the wreck - no confirmation. Its position is 56 30 00N, 41 30W. The wreck is lying at 90 degrees to. Thesis: From the disaster to the movie, the sinking of the Titanic remains one of Fine parlor suites located on the ship consisted of a sitting room, two bedrooms, two wardrobe rooms, a private bath, and a lavatory.

passengers because he made 12 trips to the wreck site that lasted between ten and twelve hours each.

Thesis: Rubha An Ridire, Sound Of Mull

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Accessibility Help. From Wreck Room 2 with Canuckles, props to Ham Roots for a. search of that fabled wreck, which by then I was calling Fountain City. In that time I had found fantastic, shattered hulks and ruins thesis to be written and a vague sense that in stringing together the room under our house on Twenty-Ninth Street and sat for.

Wreck Tour: 25, The Thesis. where there is access alongside the boiler (6) to the engine room. The wreck here is open above, with the remains of the engine (7) canted to port. With a wreck as small as the Thesis, and taking advantage of a dive computer, there should be plenty of time to explore in more detail.

Thesis wreck room
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